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Posted on: May 21, 2020

Hello! We hope this e-mail find you safe and well. We wanted to check in with you all, to assure you, that we are all keeping safe and running a tight ship here at de Burgh HQ. We are operating the office/warehouse with half of the team but we are still successfully delivering and processing orders. We are managing to get your wine to you within three days but many of you are receiving deliveries the next day!  Hopefully wine is helping during these endless lockdown days..

Our mixed cases have been SO popular of late, so we added more! Go to our online shop to have a look. Cases start from £89.88 with our Everyday Case.

NEW to Mixed Cases!

Each month we’re going to put together a special promotional case which will feature a selection of wines which are drinking especially well right now. These are the wines we are loving and recommending this month. There will be a couple of special parcel wines which are in limited supply and we’ll be thinking about the time of year so the wines will fit in with seasonal produce. We appreciate everyone’s social calendar is rather empty at the moment, but hopefully the BBQ will be getting dusted off this month and there will be a chance of some warmer weather in May which will require fresher, crisper whites and some smoky reds to go will grilled meats. Check out our MAY mixed case whilst it is still on…

We have also added an Organic Case to the range. This an absolutely fantastic case which features all of the team’s favourites. 

Bigger really is better…. Wine ages much better in magnum than it does in bottle.This is because, while there’s much more wine in a magnum, the amount of oxygen that gets trapped between the wine and the cork is about the same. Less oxygen means the wine oxidises about one and a half to two times slower than in a regular bottle, thereby retaining more flavor and nuance. The same conditions make magnums perfect for storing wine; the wine itself will be fresher and more youthful for much longer than it would be in a traditional bottle. Also, it just looks cool. 

If Magnums are just a bit too much for you, we have added our half bottle range on to the website. We have a small selection of classic wine and Champagne halves. We always like to have them in stock in case you decide to have small glass of something lovely on a Monday lunchtime rather than open a full bottle!  

Our ‘Recommend A Friend’ scheme is still running and proving very popular. It is really easy. If a friend/family member of yours places an order using this code – QR0KQN7PNEE0 (go to ‘redeem your code’ in the checkout and enter the code) –   they will receive £15 off and free delivery on an order over £100. Once they have placed their order, we will send you a code for exactly the same off your next order. To ensure you receive the discount code, all your friend needs to do is to mention your name in the comments box on their order. 


We always have in stock, a mixed bag of small parcels of wine that are pretty much one offs. Some are from producers that have allocations and we can only get a certain amounts of, some are older vintages that we have kept back, some have got lost at the back of the warehouse and just been found! Others have been offered to us at a price too good to turn down or are discontinued wines that for whatever reason have just not sold as well as we had hoped. Whatever the reason, there is a mix of wines there that offer fantastic joy and something a little different.

<<Discover our Special Parcels here>>



We LOVE seeing your photographs, stories and comments about our wines on social media. We have extended the WIN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE COMPETITION till the end of lockdown. The best photo will win a bottle of Champagne, so please do not forget to tag us!

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Easter Update

Posted on: April 8, 2020
Food and Wine Matching

It’s going to be a strange weekend. Plans may have been scuppered, but we have to look at the positives. Expensive, rubbish chocolate will be absent, no traffic queues and no long car journeys. We don’t even have to try and fulfill those holiday expectations! You may discover the true meaning of Easter and wine is still readily available. If ever there was a time of hope, this weekend is it. It’s time to rise again!!!

  • UK WIDE DELIVERY is still available
  • Shipping is FREE to orders over £100 (mainland only)
  • 20% OFF plus free shipping to all NHS workers (full price wines only)

Mixed Cases

Due to an unprecedented demand for Mixed Cases, we have added two more to our website. Mixed Cases are a fantastic way of discovering grapes varieties and styles you wouldn’t normally try. They are also make a fantastic gift or why not host a virtual wine tasting with friends and family? Shop for Mixed Cases HERE>>

Sparkling Wine

Easter is usually a time for socialising but that doesn’t mean you can’t chat to your neighbour across the fence with a glass in hand? Or, if you’re in the country surrounded by fields, toast the local wildlife instead! Our three Cremants are on offer HERE>>

Social Share

Thank you to everyone who have already liked, shared and reposted on our social media channels. We absolutely love seeing the pictures of the wines you have bought from us.  Please keep liking and sharing. 

We are currently running a competition for the best picture posted on social media. Get creative with our wines and don’t forget to tag/mention us in your post. We will announce the winner on Monday 13th April. Get posting over the holiday weekend!

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If you have any questions about deliveries, orders or advice about wines, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us-

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