Warm Up For Halloween

Whether you’re having a cosy night in with all the curtains shut or fully embracing Halloween this week, there is no doubt that warming up with a glass of red in the longer darker evenings is the perfect Autumnal experience. 

The team have been loving richer wines (but not too heavy) with Autumnal fruit flavours. Why not try Gregory Mengoba’s Mencia wines – see picture – or some of the other delicious reds we’ve been enjoying, like the Cotes du Rhone Sablet from Domaine de Piaugier or Zinfandel lovers absolutely must try the Primitivo Bocca Della Verita from Cantine de Falco.
For those looking for something classic, Meyer Fonne Gallus Pinot Noir is something to definitely shout about! Finally, Latido Garnacha is the ultimate firepit wine, perfect shared with friends!

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