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Domaine Sainte Croix

Posted on: December 4, 2019

Domaine Sainte Croix is owned and run by the English husband and wife team of Jon and Elizabeth Bowen. These are truly artisan wines crafted in an unfashionable area of France that has long been dominated by co-operative production.The gnarled vines are over 100 years old, production is organic and the wines display all the hallmarks of elegant living wines that have been carefully crafted with minimal sulphur and loads of love. They are an amazing set of wines which are highly recommended.

Acclaimed wine journalist Jamie Goode from his WineAnorak website, recently interviewed Jon and Elizabeth Bowen from Domaine Sainte in the village of Fraisse des Corbieres. CLICK HERE for the link to the article

We are proud to stock 5 of Domaine Sainte Croix’s wines –

Domaine Sainte Croix La Serre Blanc 2018 – A powerful full-bodied white, made from Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris. Fresh with beautiful terroir-driven complexity, the mineral and citrus structure effortlessly lifts the richness. Finishes with notes of spearmint, white peach and cashew. BUY here..

Domaine Sainte Croix Le Fournas 2016 – Le Fournas is a delicious blend of Carignan (40%), Grenache (23%), Syrah (27%) & Mourvedre (10%). Rich aromas of blackcurrant fruits and dark leaves along with damson, loganberry and redcurrant notes. There is no oak on this wine, just lashing of lush fruit and fresh stone notes. BUY here..

Domaine Sainte Croix Magneric 2015 – A full-bodied blend of Old Vine Carignan, Old Vine Grenache, Syrah & a splash of Mourvedre. Cassis and redcurrant, with a black olive tapenade note giving a velvet palate. The fruit is complemented by a touch of pepper and barrel spice, with the power well balanced by freshness. The tannins are full and dense but soft and ripe. BUY here..

Domaine Sainte Croix Pourboire Nature 2018 – A no added Suphur blend of Carignan (80%) and Grenache (20%). Fresh and vibrant blackcurrant and plum notes dominate with crushed stones and gravel notes undernearth. The tannins are super fine and intergrated. This is a wonderful example of a fault free Natural Wine. BUY here…

Domaine Sainte Croix La Part des Anges 50cl, 2015 – The Part des Anges is a late-harvest Old Vine Carignan Noir (80%) and Syrah (20%), partly air-dried after harvest for 6 weeks to increase concentration by “raisining”. Oozing with the essence of black mulberry and fig on the nose. The palate is luscious with fig, prune, sweet spice, black chocolate and Turkish coffee on the palate. A sweet red wine whose sweetness is balanced by freshness and lightness. SORRY this is out of stock at the moment due to only being produced in very small quantities but more will arrive in the New Year!

If you have any questions about these wines, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

phone – 01875 595 100

e-mail –

Part des Anges – Domaine Sainte Croix

Posted on: March 6, 2019

Imbibe UK gathered a panel of 25 Somms and asked them to pick their favourite wines under £20. We are fortunate to have them choose one of our wines from Domaine Sainte Croix.

The Part des Anges is a delicious late harvest (natural) old vine Carignan Noir that oozes chocolate, coffee, sweet spice and fig characters.

For more info, follow the link or call the office – 01875 595 100

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A Carignan Revival

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Carignan is a varietal which originates near Catalonia and the Spanish have a good track record of making excellent wines in Aragon, Priorat and Monstant, to name a few. The variety eventually made its’ way over the border in Languedoc Roussillon where the French Catalans decided to give this difficult grape a go. In February’s edition of Decanter, Miquel Hudin gives a great insight into why Carignan is now thriving in the South of France.

Miquel Hudin also mentions the Carignan from Domaine Sainte Croix in the Hautes Corbieres as one of his top picks:

From the Hautes Corbieres area in Languedoc. Dark cherry and prune fruit, crunchy limestone notes, wild forest herbs, touch of mushroom, orange peel and generally fleshed out very well. Fresh fruit on the palate develops with a touch of sweetness, crisp acidity and a lingering finish. DRINK 2020-2025 ALC 14.5%

Please contact the office on 01875 595 100 or e-mail to find out prices and more info on Domaine Sainte Croix.

The rise of Carignan

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