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Fumanelli has landed…

Posted on: August 22, 2019

So, Tarquin headed to Italy earlier in the year with a rough plan that included finding a new Barbera/Langhe Nebbiolo producer along with something modern and exciting from Tuscany. We liked the idea of some Sangiovese based wines, Tuscan blends or a Rosso di Montalcino.  It gives me great pleasure to therefore introduce to you Marchesi Fumanelli, our brand new Valpolicella producer from Veneto! Wait, what?

I’d love to tell you that our buying policy here at de Burgh Wines was a carefully curated plan incorporating a robust strategic approach with a long term vision along with an organised program which identified gaps in the market, future trends and capitalised on current trends. Truth is, it’s a lot more random and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of our most loved wines were found when we weren’t looking. I’m a great believer that you focus on what’s in front of you, otherwise something brilliant will pass you by.

The Valpolicella region is located in western Veneto, north of Verona and east of Lake Garda. Production is centred on red indigenous grape varieties of which Corvina is the most-well respected. The wines are usually made with a high proportion of Corvina but blended with a mixture of Rondinella, Corvinone and Molinara amongst other less important ones. Valpolicella, like so many Italian wine regions, has been guilty in the past of overproduction and the pursuit of volume over quality which makes the area synonymous with bland, light, inoffensive wines and undermines the efforts of producers who are making better quality wines of which Fumanelli has always been one.

The Fumanelli estate is old, dating back to 1470 and has been owned by 28 generations of the same family. They are one of the biggest family owned estates in Veneto with 78 acres under vine. They possess that magical combination of history and tradition along with a modern outlook.

What stuck us the most about Fumanelli was just how good the basic Valpolicella Classico Superiore is. The Classico zone is the original permitted zone from before the expansion of the area in 1968. They are widely regarded as the better vineyard sites on the less fertile hillsides. The Superiore wines are aged for one year and must have a minimum alcohol strength of 12% abv. It has great finesse, depth of flavour and freshness along with being packed with wild fruit and herb notes. It’s one of the great examples of Valpolicella Classico Superiore.

The Ripasso style is probably the most interesting wine due to it’s production method and offers superb value for lovers of the Amarone style. The process for making Ripasso simply involves re-fermenting and macerating Amarone pomace (The solid remains of the grapes after pressing) with fresh Valpolicella. In essence, the wine maker is reusing (Ripasso meaning repassed) the leftovers to add colour, flavour, structure and alcohol to the Valpolicella. The result is a wine with all the freshness and joy of Valpolicella but with an added Amarone style punch. It has lovely softness and offers superb value with dark cherry fruit and lovely spice notes from the 12 months in French oak.

The Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is an immense wine with a very distinctive and powerful fruit profile, made from a blend of 40% Corvina, 40% Corvinone and 20% Rondinella. The grapes are hand-picked and left to dry for 120 days which concentrates the flavours within the grapes. A maceration of 25 days, 30 months aging in French oak followed by a further 8 months aging in bottle results in an intense and perfumed wine with ripe red berry fruit, sweet vanilla notes, nutmeg, spice & chocolate. It’s a heady experience to say the least!

The grapes for Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva ‘Octavius’ come from Fumanelli’s older vines which are aged, on average 40 years old. It is a blend of 40% Corvina Veronese, 40% Corvinone & 20% Rondinella. Careful grape selection is the name of the game here before the grapes are left to dry for 120 days to concentrate the flavours. The wine is aged in 500 litre French oak tommeaux for 48 months followed by a further 12 months in bottle before release. The wine has started to take on a slightly brick red colour and is powerful yet elegant with wild cherry, sweet vanilla, nutmeg, mocha and an amazingly warm texture on the pallet.       

The 4 wines are a fantastic addition to our range and I’m sure will feature for years to come. The hunt for Barbera and Tuscan reds continues………

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Modern Italian Whites

Posted on: July 29, 2019

Will’s summer guide to Italian white wines…..

I was taking my usual Friday morning stroll through the warehouse to pick out a couple of bottles for the weekend when I was hit by an enormous feeling of nostalgia. My mind had travelled back nearly 20 years to the glory days of wine retail and my body started to warm to the memories and feelings of walking round a Majestic recommending and pointing out bottles for customers.

Italian whites were as popular as ever back then. It was a daily event to be stood in front of the Italian white section recommending Soave, Orvieto, Frascati and, oh what was it called again? Pinot Something, I forget…. Anyway there was always a massive stack of it that seemed to be in vogue at the time. As the warm fuzzy memories took over me I started to crave dry Italian white and went to grab some. My nostalgia was quickly replaced by indecision and a realisation of how Italian white has moved on over the past 20 years. I was spoilt for choice and went on a new journey of discovery.

Starting on the island of Sicily off Italy’s south western coast you’ll find Catarratto Terra Firma 2017 which is a delightfully dry, crisp white with zesty mineral notes and a touch of peachy fruit behind the dominant green apple flavour. At £8.50 it’s a lovely bottle of wine.

As you move on to main land Italy and work your way up the western coast through Calabria and Basilicata you come to the Amalfi coast and the historic city of Naples in the region of Campania. It is here that Italy produces arguably the country’s most exciting white wines. Falanghina, Fiano & Greco all thrive here and all have the ability to make fresh fruity wines for early drinking or to make fuller more complex wines. All three of these are made by the superb co-operative La Guardiense who are based in Santa Lucia in the province of Benevento. The area has undulating hills and plains which creates different micro climates suited to the different grape varieties. The Falanghina Antiche Torri 2018 is sourced from a mixture of sites in the wider Benevento region and is very expressive for it’s humble £7.99 price tag. Saline mineral notes are perfectly balanced with stone fruit, yellow plum and rich citrus. The Greco and Fiano “Janare” 2018’s at £9.99 are both sourced from the sub region of Sannio which has some brilliant hillside vineyards. The Fiano is fresh, citrusy and a delightful almond/ginger finish to it. The Greco is fuller, more intense and explodes with a basket of fruit salad flavours.

From Campania we head due east to the rustic but unfortunately no longer a cheap secret holiday destination of Puglia. Here things get a little bit wacky! It’s estimated that Italy has around 2000 native grape varieties and although production is centred on the top 50ish, there are still wine makers out there who want to rediscover and champion long lost varieties. Gianni Carparelli, owner of I Pastini in the Valle d’Itria which is in land, between Brindisi and Bari is one such example. Locorotondo, I Pastini 2018 (£11.99) is a blend of three local grape varieties – Verdeca (60%), White Alessano (35%) & Minutolo (5%). It’s an extremely elegant and effortless wine with green fruit, apple and tangy lemon. Minutolo ‘Rampone’ I Pastini 2017 (£14.49) was near enough extinct before Gianni brought it back. It’s a unique wine with an exotic Muscat aroma, floral notes, jasmine and tropical fruit – well worth trying.

Further up the Adriatic coast, past Abruzzo is the Marche region. It’s here that the climate in the northern Marche changes from Mediterranean to continental and it’s where we find Italy’s most prised white grape variety – Verdicchio. Aldo Cifola who owns La Monacesca makes one of the region’s best examples which demonstrates just how well the grape can age. Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva ‘Mirum’ La Monacesca 2014 (£21.00) is a heady glass of wine with similar characteristics to white Burgundy. There is no great secret to Aldo’s success. It’s down to low yields, late harvest, old vine Verdicchio sourced from top parcels high in the Apennines. The acidity is electric and the concentration of fruit outstanding. There is no oak, just sweet luscious fruit. Marche is also home to organic producer Saladini Pilastri which has been a firm favourite here since day one. Falerio, Saladini Pilastri 2018 (£8.99) has been a regular with us for many years and offers fantastic value. It’s a blend of Trebbiano, Pecorino and Passerina and is almost too good to be true with its lively pear and lemon fruit.

North of Marche is Emilia Romagna, a food lovely paradise! Eating in Bologna should be on everyone’s bucket list. Further towards the coast in Rimini we find Biodynamic producer San Valentino who make a lovely wine from Grechetto, known locally as Rebola. Rebola ‘Bacaia’ San Valentino 2018 (£12.50) is a tangy, zesty, dry white with nutty spice behind the lush ripe citrus fruit.

It’s not uncommon in Italy for the same grape to be called different names in different regions but it’s north of Emilia Romagna in Lugana DOC which straddles the Veneto and Lombardy regions on the shore of Lake Garda where the biggest confusion lies. Lugana DOC uses the Trebbiano di Lugana grape variety which is not the ubiquitous Trebbiano grown all over Italy but in fact Verdicchio which has now been given the new name of Turbiana. Lugana Nunzio Ghiraldi 2017 (£12.50) is one of the best examples around. A wine that never gives much away on the nose but explodes on the palate with orange blossom, tropical fruit, lime, honey and lemongrass. Snap it up whilst you can because up to 25% of Lugana’s vineyards may be lost to a planned new railway (Sigh).

Due west of Lombardy is the red wine dominated region of Piedmont. The region does however have a few classic white wines with the most famous probably being the 90’s classic Gavi. Gavi Casa Ernesto 2018 (£9.99) is a textbook example made from the Cortese grape. It’s zingy freshness gives the wine an instant appeal and is backed up with lemon and peach fruit to make it a sophisticated choice. Less well known is the Arneis grape which can be found round the hills of Roero. Roero Arneis ‘Camestri’ Marco Porello 2018 (£12.99) is a full bodied effort with layers of flavour and wonderful mineral texture. Lastly and even less well known is Timorasso. This extraordinary grape was almost extinct but has found a new father in Walter Massa who has single handily revived the ancient grape. We owe him a lot of thanks because it is one of Italy’s most wonderful white wines. Timorasso ‘Derthona’ Walter Massa 2016 (£22.00) comes from the steep hills east of Tortona. It produces tiny yields but has immense concentration and develops over time in the glass. Apple, apricot and tangerine notes can all be found. It’s a great example of a white wine that is literally alive in the glass but is not cloudy, oxidised or reeking of cider.

Oh and if none of the 16 grape varieties above get you excited then I’d highly recommend a glass of Pinot Grigio Terrazze della Luna 2018 (£8.99) from Treviso in the Vento region which sounds like it would fit your personality perfectly!

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A Taste of Spring

Posted on: March 28, 2019

Spring is officially here. The busy Christmas rush seems like yesterday and we are delighted not to have seen the blizzard conditions we experienced in March last year. Now, our attentions have turned toward Easter and what we are going to be drinking with friends and family. 


In addition to the Meyer Fonne Cremant d’Alsace, we added to our list early last year, we have two new Cremants : the extremely classy Domaine de la Verpaille Cremant de Bourgogne and the delicously pinktastic de Chanceny Cremant de Loire. Cremant has always been a fantastic alternative to Champagne due to the same winemaking process – and so much cheaper – we love that each of these Cremants brings something different to the table with different grape varieties from their respective regions. We certainly believe they are a refreshing change to Prosecco! 

Domaine de la Verpaille wowed us late last year, so we decided to ship over the Bourgogne Chardonnay and their two Vire Clesses- the Harmonie and Longchamp. They provide excellent value for money especially compared to their more famous counterparts in Pouilly Fuisse and St Veran. 

The new Sauvignon Gris ‘Cool Coast‘ from Casa Silva is definitely worth a try with its zingy minerality, as is the GrecoJanare from Southern Italy. It is fatter and richer than the Fianoand Falanghina and works perfectly with roasted white meats, cheese and polenta. 

The wines from Bohedal are now old favourites and for Easter, theCrianza and Reserva are just spot on.  Spring lamb and Rioja is the quintessential pairing. 

Bordeaux has always been a firm favourite of ours for Sunday lunch with the family and it continues to be a popular choice for many of our customers also.  We shipped the Saint-Emilion from
Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil 2002 just before Christmas and we love its’ complexity. It shows a miriad of spice, eucalyptus, leather and wonderful earthiness. A winner with roast beef or cheese board. 

These are just a few suggestions from our Spring offer but we are happy to help with food and wine pairing anytime. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your wine queries. 

Part des Anges – Domaine Sainte Croix

Posted on: March 6, 2019

Imbibe UK gathered a panel of 25 Somms and asked them to pick their favourite wines under £20. We are fortunate to have them choose one of our wines from Domaine Sainte Croix.

The Part des Anges is a delicious late harvest (natural) old vine Carignan Noir that oozes chocolate, coffee, sweet spice and fig characters.

For more info, follow the link or call the office – 01875 595 100

Pay less, drink better: Wines that taste twice as good as their price tag

Vine Times

Posted on: February 27, 2019


We cannot believe that we are nearing the end of February already!

There is so much going on at Fordel that it is hard to keep up at the moment. Time flies when you are busy selling wine!

Alasdair Carnie joins us in March to support the team in the office and warehouse. He comes to us as a keen Marathon runner, is a fluent French speaker and dabbled in the world of Cognac making for several years before settling back in Scotland to work in the Whisky industry. With a history like that, he is going to fit in very nicely here at de Burgh!

The Prosecco bubble is at last beginning to burst and Cremant is becoming a thing again and justly so. In February 2018, we did not have even have one on our list and now we have three – with a view to potentially listing more! The Meyer Fonne was the first Cremant we took on and were very impressed with the oodles of flavour and silky soft finish. The Bourgogne Blancs de Blancs from Verpaille is toasty and yeasty, whilst the de Chanceney Rose from the Loire is packed full of crunchy summer pudding fruit and looks super too. What’s not to love…

The new wines from Domaine de la Verpaille in Burgundy have just arrived at Fordel. Will and Christine found this lovely little estate on their way back from holidaying in France. They are rich, classy and we like to think, fantastic value too. The wines aren’t bad either!

Fordel Mains Estate

We also have a brace of organics from Bodegas la Purisima in Yecla, Spain. A Macabeo and Monastrel, both of which are great value, juicy and tasty. We are really looking forward to  hearing your feedback on them.

We are now gearing up for Spring and planning our Spring Offer along with another photo shoot to get your mouths watering. If you are not already subscribed to our mailing list then follow the link to sign up to avoid missing out on upcoming Spring and Summer offers!

This is just a snippet of what we have been we have been up to since the turn of the year. We can guarantee that there is much more in the pipeline….

Let’s hope that the sun shines again this summer!


Winter Offer Ends Jan 31st

Posted on: January 30, 2019

January has really felt like a long month. Christmas and New Year was ages ago so surely a glass of wine this weekend is well deserved.

Whether you have been partaking in Dry January or not, stock up for February before our Winter Offer ends tomorrow.

Everything can be found on our website, including the Magnums, Mixed Cases and much more!

If you have any questions or further info about the wines, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Christmas/New Year Opening Hours and Delivery

Posted on: December 19, 2018

**C H R I S T M A S  D E L I V E R Y **

Guaranteed UK wide delivery for Christmas has now past ( Monday 17th December) but we can still guarantee delivery in central Scotland. For other all other areas, please contact the office – we are still taking orders! – 01875 595 100. You can of course still collect from our warehouse if you wish. 


**F E S T I V E  O P E N I N G  H O U R S**

Friday 21st December 9-5pm

Monday 24th December 9-12pm

Thursday 27th December 9-5pm

Friday 28th December 9-5pm

Monday 31st December 9-12pm

Wednesday 3rd January 9-5pm

As always, we are always happy to help if you have any questions….

phone: 01875 595 100



Mixed Cases

Posted on: December 11, 2018

 If you are a little pressed for time, we have put together a selection of mixed cases for those who would rather let us choose. They also make great gifts! 

There are 5 to choose from- take a look here 

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Winter at de Burgh

Posted on:



Every year, we do a happy dance when our customers come to us for their festive tipples and we cannot thank you enough for your support, time and again. As an independant wine merchant, we work hard to find an exciting and diverse selection of Wines, Fizz, Champagne and Spirits throughout the year. When it comes to deciding what goes into our Winter Offer, we choose wines that we love to drink ourselves and serve at social occasions with friends or family. We hope you love them as much as we do.


We have Magnums, Gift ideas, wines for entertaining and mixed cases. Take a look here for our winter offer

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Bordeaux at de Burgh

Posted on: November 6, 2018

It’s those Autumn cliches that we all love; cosy jumpers, leafy walks, hearty stews and a delicious glass of Bordeaux in front of the fire.

We really want to shout about a few of our wines from Bordeaux and have put together an offer of 12 favourites, some old, some new, which are excellent value and we know you will absolutely love!

To get you in the mood we asked Tarquin and Will for their top Bordeaux finds from this year.
Tarquin is a great cook and recommends slow roasted lamb with the Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2002. Will’s choice would be

Chateau Bellerive Medoc 2014, with a cheese board, in front of his log burner!

Browse the 12 wines here>>    OR  go to our online SHOP


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