Have we mentioned before how much we love Burgundy?
We have some amazing Burgundian wines and like to shout about them now and again. So here we are, going on about them again … !

The Burgundy region of France is where the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape reach their zenith.  The region is a patchwork of appellations and vineyards all with their own unique personalities.  Following a couple of small harvests and a rise in demand, prices have risen and allocations are ever dwindling but we have a few gems in some of the lesser-known regions and from new up and coming wine makers.  We also have an exciting selection from the southern regions of Macon and Vire Clesse where tremendous value can be found, and of course, Chablis which remains as popular and as unique as ever.  

Due to the popularity of our mixed cases, we have put together a classic introductory Mixed Case which showcases the great Burgundy region. Click here for more info>>

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