What’s the difference between Claret and Bordeaux? Nothing! Claret is just an old fashioned nickname for Bordeaux..

We aspire to making sure we can offer a selection of wines from Bordeaux that would not require you to consult your financial adviser before purchasing!  Some merchants champion ‘Investment’  Bordeaux, which to be frank, has its’ price positioned around what the market dictates.  There is nothing wrong with the outrageously expensive stuff  – we have plenty of that too – but we also thought we would get a few wines that you might just want to drink. Bordeaux remains one of the world’s greatest wine regions and there is still plenty of excellent wine to be had under £40.  

To be honest, we have been completely overwhelmed by the popularity of the mixed cases. The Burgundy Mixed Case was so popular last week, we thought we would HAVE to put together a Bordeaux one. As always it is a great introduction to wines you may have never tried with different styles and areas. We will also happily take suggestions for what our next mixed case should be… 

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