We quite simply only sell wines we like to enjoy at home. Take a look at our choices this month. 

What We're Drinking

Beaujolais Rose d'Folie Jean Paul Brun

Wow, this is absolutely delicious! Exclusive to us and naturally made, this Rose from acclaimed Beaujolais producer Jean-Paul Brun really impressed us. Blood orange and cranberry in a glass with amazing freshness.


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What We're Drinking

Susumaniello Verso Sud I Pastini 2018

Italy has no shortage of native grape varieties. Most I have never encountered; some I hope never to encounter again but one for which I have developed a real love is Susumaniello. It is grown in the province of Brindisi in the warm south of Italy and in the right hands produces a soft almost opulent wine that has that perfect Italian combination of soft dark red fruit and subtle spice. I Pastini produce a brilliant example which is packed with layers of fruit and well-balanced toasty oak aromas.


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What We're Drinking

Pouilly Fume Domaine Sebatien Treuillet, 2019

'When it comes to this time of year, I'm content with a crisp glass of white with some Scottish seafood. My go-to is usually a Picpoul de Pinet however, this Pouilly Fume is a classic example of Sauvignon Blanc but with extra depth. The flinty richness and zippy green fruit make it a really perfect wine for Summer'.


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What We're Drinking

Meyer Fonne Muscat 'Vignoble de Katzenthal' 2018

Our organic Muscat from Domaine Meyer Fonne always catches my eye when picking something from the warehouse for the weekend. I eat a lot of Thai food at home and this compliments the spice and aromatics very well. Green apple tartness balances perfectly with the sweet blossom aromas and its silky on the palate with a delightfully fruity aftertaste. It was also perfect for the sunny weekend when we drank it with an asparagus, bacon, and taleggio tart.


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What We're Drinking

Morellino di Scansano Ghiaccio Forte 2018

I love homemade Pizza. For someone who has little kids, this is always a winning dinner especially if we are eating outside. The wine which has become a staple on pizza nights over the past month is our Morellino di Scansano. Made from 100% Sangiovese, it is such a wonderfully accessible wine. Light and fresh for warm days but packed full of flavour with ripe cherry fruits and savoury notes which pair brilliantly with those meaty toppings.


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