White Fine Wines

White Fine Wine White Fine Wine by Will Nicolson Like surfers, the band of pickers huddle around the tractor waiting for their perfect wave. It doesn’t come in the form of a torrent of water but a…

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Pink Sunshine Wine

Pink Sunshine Wine I once read a blog piece by an author who referred to Rose as ‘Pink Sunshine Wine’. I thought that was such a brilliant term for it, but it got me thinking. How many of…

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The Rise of Cremant

The Rise of Cremant  Christine Nicolson I remember the heady days when Champagne was as ‘cheap as chips’. I was in my mid-twenties working for a national wine retailer and we would drink…

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Bodegas Arzuaga – Ribera del Duero

Boxing day 2003. Instead of going to the pub to watch the football, I stayed at home and took part in a relaxed replay of the previous day. Everything had mellowed overnight. The leftovers were…

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Mosel Valley - Sybille Kuntz

Sybille Kuntz Wine Reviews

Last week esteemed wine writer Jancis Robinson. wrote two glowing reviews on Sybille Kuntz's Trocken Rieslings. We could not agree more with Janics and continue to champion Sybille and her wines…

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Castello Romitorio Montalcino

Castello di Romitorio in Wine Spectator

We were delighted to start importing Castello Romitorio last year and immediately knew the wines would be a perfect fit for de Burgh. Castello Romitorio was a half-renovated abandoned wreck when…

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French Classic White Wines

De-Mystifying the label From our many years selling wine in retail, we understand that customers can be confused by French wine labels. For example, they may have heard about Chablis or Sancerre…

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Riesling Rocks

Sybille Kuntz And Her WinesThe wine trade is all about celebrating excellent winemakers but what about strong…

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What We’re Drinking – June 2020

We quite simply only sell wines we like to enjoy at home. Take a look at our choices this month.  What We're DrinkingBeaujolais Rose d'Folie Jean Paul BrunWow, this is absolutely…

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My Visit To Chateau Musar & Lebanon

by Christine Nicolson I love trips to wine-producing countries. They enhance the picture we paint about the wine we are selling back home. Wine is mostly about the story, the people, the land, and…

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de Burgh Team Tasting

Interview With Engine 710

One of the first things Tarquin bought for the business was a Land Rover Defender. It has quickly become synonymous with de Burgh and can often be seen out and around the wilds of Scotland…

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Bodeags Atamisque Vineyards Malbec

Explore Malbec

Malbec has been synonymous with being Argentina's grape variety for the last decade or so but its origins lie in France. Malbec is commonly known as Cot in South West France, where it is widely grown…

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