Pink Sunshine Wine

I once read a blog piece by an author who referred to Rose as ‘Pink Sunshine Wine’. I thought that was such a brilliant term for it, but it got me thinking. How many of us actually drink Rose all year round? I drink white wine in the Winter but why do I tend to save Rose for those sunny days in the Spring & Summer? It seems to be engrained in our psyche that certain wines are drunk seasonally, and Rose is usually pigeon-holed as an aperitif before dinner in the garden.

For the past ten years, the market has been awash with Provencal Rose. Those big famous estates like Whispering Angel and the fantastic Domaine Ott produce dry pale pinks that consumers go wild for. The marketing is slick too. I must admit that they deserve praise for turning our attention away from the oh so sweet white Zinfandel Roses that were en vogue in the millennia. Social media is continually full of images of Provencal Rose but let’s spare a thought for other Rose wines from other French regions and indeed other countries that certainly deserve a lot more attention for what they produce.

De Burgh favourites

I did a very quick poll in the office and the majority favoured a light style with Ingrid Groiss’ Hasenhaide Rose from Austria coming on top. I would have to agree with my colleagues here. Ingrid’s Rose is a sublime blend of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt. It may be light in body but full-on flavour with juicy red fruits and a delightful minerality which will no doubt impress any Rose drinker.

When push comes to shove, I am usually seduced by Bruno Andreu’s Elixir Rose. It basically ticks all the boxes. Nice bottle with glass stopper, check. Exotic name, check. Provencal Rose vibes, check. Intensity of flavour, check. Elixir is made in the Languedoc, so not a million miles away from Provence but you really cannot beat value for money here. It looks expensive and tastes expensive but is half the price of the trendy Provencal Roses.

If you are looking for something at even better value, then Bruno Andreu’s Tendem Rose is an absolute bargain. To quote Stephen who opted for this, ‘I’m a cheap date’! Unlike the Elixir which is made from 100% Syrah, Tendem is made from Grenache which gives it a vibrant fresh finish with Rose petals and red berry fruits.

So what about slightly heavier Rose wines?

Last summer Jose Rose arrived. We were already loving the wines from Frederic Mabileau but they suggested we try their new Jose Rose which is a Cabernet France Rose from the Loire. I still don’t know why they called it Jose, but the label is cool, and it is a nice bit of alliteration! Thankfully the wine itself is excellent. Jose is a deep, intense Rose with cranberry, orange and strawberry fruit flavours. A fabulous match with grilled meats and charcuterie and dangerously drinkable!

Mas Cristine was probably the very first Rose we listed almost 10 years ago. Made by the formidable Andy Cook in Roussillon, this is a delicious blend of Grenache Noir and Syrah. Juicy red fruits and a fuller body make it perfect for Asian food. It continues to delight year after year.

What’s New?

We are currently on a bit of a home run with German wines, and we were excited to import the Schlipf-Schneider range at the start of the year. These wines are seriously elegant, and the Rose does not disappoint. The ‘Von Kalstein’ Rose is lovely, soft and creamy with a beautiful fresh mineral streak. Apologies in advance for such cliches, but it truly is class in a glass!


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