Sebastien Treuillet - Loire Valley

Sebastien Treuillet is one of the most unassuming, humble yet delightful farmers I know. He farms 15 hectares in the Pouilly Fume appellation, which is famous for its limestone, flint clay and Kimmeridgien soils. Sebastien also has some vines at Villiers which is an almost lunar landscape of bare limestone (Cailottes). The domaine was created by Sebastien in 1991. His parents were cereal farmers but inspired by a winemaking friend in Sancerre, Sebastien used some of his parent's land to plant some vines. Everything is traditionally done and farming is organic. It is hard enough to reach him via phone, let alone email, so I was surprised to see that he had invested in some high tech Agrofrost machines to help prevent frost. Boys will always love their gadgets!

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