Mixed Cases

I love my wife, she’s perfect to me. We don’t fall out much. Any argument is normally child related. Parents will understand how children can push those buttons and in today’s world it’s “uncool” to offload a volcano full of rage on to your children so it normally gets unloaded onto your significant other. To the non-parents out there, I exaggerate, the joy they bring will far outweigh the pain and stress they cause.  Parents – I think they bought that, haha!

Don’t get me wrong, my wife has some flaws.

Weekly “mini heated discussions” centre on Christine’s terrible fridge organisational skills. How many times have I scooped a rotten cucumber out of the fridge which is buried beneath, you guessed it, a fresh already half eaten cucumber. Many years ago I watched my wife take out of the fridge a container of leftover something. She opened it, saw the mould, sniffed it to confirm and then replaced the lid and put it back into the fridge. Yes, you read that correctly. She put it back into the fridge. It’s not a fine Burgundy going through a closed down phase. It’s not going to emerge next week as a butterfly love!

Then there’s the hoarding of clothes. Cupboards & drawers overflowing, extra cupboards rammed to the gunnels, vacuum packed bags under the bed, the spare bed and stacked in the attic. Winter clothes, summer clothes, holiday clothes, special occasion clothes, memorable clothes. They’re all there. It’s not that my wife buys excessive amounts of clothes. It’s that she never throws any away. She still firmly believes that her French Connection denim jacket from 1995 will be needed at some point in the next 30 years? I’m regularly told that we need more storage space. “No darling, you need less stuff

The latest niggle in the making, centres around the biscuit tin. I’ve long been a fan of buying different types of biscuits, opening the packet and tipping them all into the tin. It creates a wonderfully complex and interesting mixed crumb at the bottom of the tin. It’s important that you have a coconut based biscuit in there for texture and to bring it all together. All my life I’ve enjoyed, as a special treat, a mouthful of the exquisite bottom of the biscuit tin mix. The wife doesn’t like this. She wants the packets on, sealed preferably with one of those plastic clips. Two biscuit tins looks like the only solution, but that would require more storage!

The one consistent argument we have is around what to have for dinner. Now granted, Christine does the lion’s share of the cooking and shopping. Not because I operate a 70’s style household, it’s just the way our work pattern used to fall. (Damn you Coronavirus Lockdown).

I would dread that 11am text message “What do you want for dinner” or the end of a phone call “Have you thought about what you want for dinner?” After 15 years you would have thought that she’d gotten the message that I’ll eat almost anything. The house is full of idle cookbooks with their own special storage unit. The internet is awash with recipes and you don’t have to wait long to find a cooking program on regular TV. Why am I getting asked this daily question? You did the shopping, you know what you bought?

We are all bombarded with options yet we can’t decide. We’re faced with endless possibilities, yet we tend to have the same things week in, week out. Choice and variety is fantastic. Trying new things is part of keeping life interesting but at the same time you need the comfort of what you know and love. I know this is the same problem many of you face when picking wine which is why we have put together a selection of pre-mixed cases in order to take some of the stress out of picking wine and hopefully reduce the need for any “mini heated discussions” during these stressful times. Now, I should probably go back to dodging my wife’s questions, regarding dinner and storage space and do some work, thinking up more mixed cases for our customers!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any pre-mixed cases you’d like to see us offer?