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Go Big…Or Small

Why Magnums?  

Bigger really is better…. Wine ages much better in magnum than it does in bottle.This is because, while there’s much more wine in a magnum, the amount of oxygen that gets trapped between the wine and the cork is about the same. Less oxygen means the wine oxidises about one and a half to two times slower than in a regular bottle, thereby retaining more flavor and nuance. The same conditions make magnums perfect for storing wine; the wine itself will be fresher and more youthful for much longer than it would be in a traditional bottle. Also, it just looks cool. Lockdown party anyone?

If Magnums are just a bit too much for you, then we have just loaded our half bottle range on to the website. We have a good selection if you would prefer to have small glass of something lovely on a Monday lunchtime rather than open a full bottle!  
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We LOVE seeing your photographs, stories and comments about our wines on social media. We have extended the WIN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE COMPETITION till the end of lockdown. The best photo will win a bottle of Champagne, so please do not forget to tag us!

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