Bodeags Atamisque Vineyards MalbecMalbec has been synonymous with being Argentina’s grape variety for the last decade or so but its origins lie in France. Malbec is commonly known as Cot in South West France, where it is widely grown in the region of Cahors. The variety still prevails in Bordeaux but mostly in the outlying areas where it is used for blending.  Malbec from Cahors has not always been fashionable but there are some outstanding winemakers producing elegant, modern Malbecs which are a far cry from the traditional rustic wines.

When Malbec cuttings were taken over to Argentina in the 19th Century, no one envisaged that that particular strain would adapt so well to native conditions. It is now the jewel in Argentina’s crown and it is grown quite prolifically and successfully.  It is easy to see why it is so popular, with characteristics like plump and juicy dark fruits, cocoa, vanilla, and sweet tobacco leaves.