Tarquin's Easy Sunday Lunch Mixed Case

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Since becoming empty nesters, the home cooked casual Sunday lunch with friends has become a bit of a thing. Chuck a chicken, potatoes and stuffing balls in the oven, walk the dog, open a bottle of something cold, make the bread sauce, a splash of white in the gravy pan, pop the veg on, pull the cork on a bottle of red to breath, you get the picture. This case features the wines which have become the staple partners to our Sunday afternoons. They are a real joy to share and although none of them are crazy expensive, they always feel a little bit decedent. Sunday afternoons are made for these wines.

Available as a case of 12 (2 bottles each of the wines below) or a case of 6 (1 bottle each of the wines below).

Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais Rose d'Folie Beaujolais, France

Bruno Andreu 'Elixir' Blanc (Roussanne/Viognier) Languedoc, France

Albarino Terra de Asorei Rias Baixas, Spain

Chateau La Verriere Rouge Bordeaux Superior, France

Mas Cristine Cotes du Roussillon Rouge Roussillon, France

Cahors 'L'Envol du Prince' Domaine du Prince Cahors, France

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