Maury Rouge 'Grenat' VDN Domaine Fontanel 2021

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Producer: Domaine Fontanel
Country: France
Region: Languedoc - Roussillon
Sub Region: Maury
Grape Variety: Grenache Noir/Garnacha Tinto
Additional Information: Vegan
ABV: 17%
Style: Fortified Wine
Classification: Maury Grenat AOC

Domaine Fontanel Maury is a lightly fortified and extremely fresh wine made from Grenache Noir. It has a deep red colour with aromas of macerated fruits, cocoa, chocolate and spice. It is the perfect match for chocolate lovers because of the delicious black cherry, mashed sweet strawberry and cassis flavours which mingle perfectly with good dark bitter chocolate. It drinks like a lighter style of Port.

Domaine Fontanel is an unassuming winery built into the terraced main street of the sleepy town of Tautavel. It couldn’t be owned by a nicer couple in Elodie & Matthieu Collet who took over the Domaine in early 2017. Pierre Fontanel, the previous owner, remains on the team as consultant wine maker and together they have formed a formidable team which blends the traditional knowhow of Pierre with the modern, forward-thinking approach of Elodie and Matthieu. The Domaine has 20 hectares under vine which are now farmed organically and the youthful philosophy of Elodie and Matthieu is starting to shine through in the vines. The winery has always had a reputation for making quality wines, but it might be fair to say that under Pierre the wines were quite old school, relatively high in tannin and not very approachable in their youth. This has been remedied and the wines are now softer, juicier and fruit driven. Elodie and Matthieu also continue to make fortified styles of wine which are deliciously versatile pudding wines that, although slightly unfashionable, are terrific value and super popular.

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