Javier Sanz Viticultor - Rueda

Javier Sanz Viticultor was established in 1863 by Agustin Nanclares. The winery has been producing quality wine within the Valladolid municipality of La Seca for over 150 years and is now run by Javier, great-grandson of Nanclares. The area falls into the wider Rueda DO which is where the ever-popular Verdejo grape variety thrives. This is a sizeable operation which produces around 700,000 bottles per year and covers over 100 hectares of vineyards, all owned and farmed by the winery. Although production is centred on the Verdejo grape, Javier has been working since 2000 in bringing back ancient varieties to his vineyards. The abandoned variety of Verdejo Malcorta along with Grasa de Cotnari, Brunal and Cenicienta are all now planted and producing wine of immense character.