Crozes Hermitage Blanc Domaine Aleofane 2022

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Producer: Domaine Aleofane - Natasha Chave
Country: France
Region: Rhone Valley
Grape Variety: Marsanne/Roussanne
Farming: Biodynamic
ABV: 13%
Style: White Wine

Crozes Hermitage Blanc Domaine Aleofane is a textured and exotic blend of 60% Marsanne and 40% Roussanne. There is a delightful floral edge to the wine which is expressive and packed with pear and citrus fruit aromas. It has a wonderful array of Asian spiced notes which complement the fruit brilliantly. A wonderful wine with roast chicken.

Domaine Aleofane is owned and run by Natacha Chave, the younger sister of Yann Chave, who runs the famous domaine named after him, which was started by their parents in the 1970s. After studying philosophy at university, Natacha returned to her wine making roots but instead of opting for the easier option of working with her brother, she decided to start up on her own and in 2004 purchased her first vineyard. The small domaine now has vineyards in Croze Hermitage, St Joseph and Cornas which Natacha farms biodynamically and with a love and attention to detail which you can only be impressed by. The wines are not only a true expression of the Syrah grape and the northern Rhone terroir but of Natacha herself. There is a delicate feel and freshness to the wines that have an eternal character which runs through all the wines. These are hand crafted wines and ones that are the result of a true labour of love.

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