Bruno Andreu 'Pure' Petite Syrah 2021

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Producer: Bruno Andreu
Country: France
Region: Languedoc
Grape Variety: Petite Syrah
Style: Red Wine

Bruno Andreu Pure Petite Syrah is a luscious and textured wine made from the rare and unique Petite Syrah grape variety. The wine has an amazing concentration of black fruit along with dark red fruit notes and a wonderful pepper spiced note. Excellent wine and perfect with a nice piece of red meat.

Bruno Andreu comes from a family of wine makers and believes in making delicious wines that blend tradition with modernity. The Languedoc in the south of France is sadly too often overlooked but Bruno has the ability to make wonderful wines that are firm favourites here at de Burgh. It’s always great fun tasting the new vintages with Bruno and Oriane. We’re always impressed at how good their fruit is and every year they impress us with something new and tasty. The wines always have a rustic, French country feel to them but are made in a clean, modern, forward-thinking manner which makes them extremely appealing. They are a great advert for modern Languedoc wines with a great sense of artisan production, care and terroir for such humble wines.

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