Beaujolais 'le Ronsay' Jean Paul Brun Terres Dorees 2022

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Producer: Jean Paul Brun
Country: France
Region: Beaujolais
Grape Variety: Gamay
Additional Information: Vegan
Farming: Organic
ABV: 12.5%
Style: Red Wine
Classification: Beaujolais AOC

Beaujolais ‘Le Ronsay’ Jean Paul Brun is a brilliant, young Beaujolais which is brimming with incredible red fruit flavours of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. It has great charm and expresses the youthful primary fruit of the Gamay grape but also delivers a wine with structure and texture. The grapes are sourced from younger vineyards (15-20 years old) in southern Beaujolais and the wine is fermented and aged in concrete tanks.

Jean-Paul founded Domaine Terres Dorees in 1979 with four hectares of vineyards around his hometown of Charnay. His vineyard holdings have expanded nearly as much as his reputation as the Godfather of Beaujolais (I may have coined that phrase) and he now farms over 60 hectares which includes prime sites in the Cru Villages of Morgon, Moulin a Vent, Fleurie and St Amour. During the 1980s and 1990s Beaujolais captured the public imagination with Beaujolais Nouveau and a style of wine that was young, fruity, not very serious and smelt more like bubble-gum and bananas than wine. Jean Paul hated this style and wanted to make wine in a more traditional way that expressed the grape and the terroir. He has always farmed organically, and steers clear of manipulating the wines via carbon maceration, thermo-vinification and yeast inoculation which have become the norm in Beaujolais. He also believes his wines taste better at lower alcohol levels so does not add extra sugar (chapitalise) to raise alcohol levels. The resulting wines all have great complexity along with the juicy, almost sappy fruit associated with Beaujolais.

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