Baptiste and Estelle Phillipe - Domaine de la Verpaille

A True Reflection

Domaine de la Verpaille is owned and run by Baptiste & Estelle Philippe who are the 5th generation of their family to run this charming wee estate in the heart of Vire-Clesse. Production is focused on the Chardonnay grape and the vineyards were certified Organic in 2006. All their wines are lees aged for 12 months before release which gives a characteristic richness and depth of flavour which is simply wonderful. If ever there was a case to say that a Domaine’s wines reflected their maker, then this is it. Warm, humble, inviting, honest and amazingly good company.

The south of Burgundy still offers tremendous value compared to the fancier names in the north. It still feels like real Burgundy here with humble wine makers and a focus on terroir driven wines. These are wines that represent the area but are priced to be drunk rather than traded.

Wines from Domaine de la Verpaille

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