First Class Cremant

De Chanceny is produced by the fantastic, dynamic Caves de Saumur, which is an incredibly forward-thinking, modern and quality-conscious co-operative. It was formed in 1947 and now produces a bewildering array of wines from a multitude of Loire Valley appellations. The popularity of Cremant wines over the past few years has been fantastic to see. They offer unrivalled value in comparison to Champagne and deliver more complex and richer flavours than your average Prosecco. We are constantly impressed by the quality and value that de Chanceny delivers.

The wines are aged for a minimum of 12 months and the production is focused on the Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. They are two of the most underrated and overlooked grape varieties in the world and here they produce characterful and joyful wines at humble prices. The cave puts a huge emphasis on sustainability with all its growers signing up to a charter with the aim of preserving biodiversity and water resources.


Wines from De Chanceny

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