Alain Bessette and his wife at Chateau La Verriere

Bordeaux Superior at its best

Chateau La Verriere is owned and run by Alain Bessette, who is a fourth-generation winemaker. He is a talented man; every year his name is on the short list for the ‘Talents de Bordeaux Superieur’ and he is one of the few Bordeaux winemakers who understands marketing in the modern world. The estate now covers 75 hectares and although they have always farmed sustainably, they started their conversion to organic viticulture in 2021. The winery is located outside the village of Landerrouat, in the far east of Entre-Deux-Mers, near the Dordogne region. The Chateau’s star wine, like most in Bordeaux, is the red blend which is usually 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a wine that strikes the perfect balance between classic Bordeaux and a modern, lush style. It ages well if you can keep your hands off it!

Alain is a breath of fresh air in Bordeaux. There is no pretence or delusion of grandeur about him or Chateau La Verriere. They are solely focused on producing quality, accessible wines that are both a fantastic advert for themselves but also the whole of Bordeaux. Alain also keeps bees and makes a cracking honey!

Wines from Chateau La Verriere

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