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Castello Romitorio was a half renovated abandoned wreak when artist Sandro Chia purchased it in 1984. What was left of the building had been abandoned after WW2 and used only by shepherds until Baron Giorgio Franchetti, a historic building restorer, purchased it in the 1970’s. He abandoned his plan (I didn’t say he was a successful building restorer) and sold the property to Sandro who completed the work and brought the building back to life as his home and art studio. The building had been built originally in the 12th century as an imposing hilltop fortress to guard the town of Montalcino. In the late 1980’s Sandro set about restoring the land around the castle back to its former glory with an overhaul of the vineyards. It’s all got a bit of James Bond villain’s lair about it which is probably why we love it so much. New cellars were constructed in 2005 and along with Filippo, Sandro’s son, the wines have become internationally recognised as expressions of Sangiovese than flirt between the modern and classic style with extraordinary elegance.

The flagship wines from Castillo Romitorio are from the famous Brunello di Montalcino DOCG region. The limited release, single vineyard “Filo di Seta” will age gracefully for many years to come whilst the Brunello di Montalcino delivers accessible drinking and an amazingly complex wine. The Rosso di Montalcino is the real pick for many and offers tremendous value. It is made from the younger vines on the estate and aged for less time in oak but there is no compromise on quality or complexity. The Chianti is a wonderfully fresh and vibrant wine with beautiful fruit whilst the Romitorio Toscana is one for the modernists who like bolder flavours and is a brilliant partner to red meats. Romitorio also own a fantastic estate in Morellino di Scansano called Ghiaccio Forte. This is amazing wine made from Sangiovese which is delicious and versatile, perfect with Italian cuisine.

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