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Riedel Masterclass with Maximilian Riedel

Posted on: March 3, 2020

de Burgh Wine Merchants are delighted to be supporting this event, organised by Wine Events Scotland. It will be an evening that should not be missed.  
For the first time in 10 years, we have none other than Riedel’s CEO Maximilian Riedel himself, coming over from Austria to present a Riedel Masterclass at The Balmoral Hotel. 

This is promised to be an incredible tasting experience and evening.  It’s a unique chance to discover why these different glasses, designed for different styles of wines, have become so popular.  A true entertainer and character, Maximilian is 11th generation of the Riedel family to be managing this 264 year old company.  He will be speaking about how and why the different shape of glass makes a significant difference to the aroma and taste profile of a wine.  

 Tickets for the masterclass and the whole experience with Maximilian are £65 for a single ticket or £60 per person if booking as a pair.  It is excellent value, given that everyone attending, will receive a set of four of Riedel’s Performance Range. These are worth £90. 

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