Minutolo 'Rampone' I Pastini 2018

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Minutolo ‘Rampone’ I Pastini is made from the ancient Minutolo grape variety which was brought back from near extinction by Gianni Carparelli of I Pastini. It is uniquely aromatic and floral whilst also being exotic and full bodied. There are floral notes, tropical fruit and a lovely spicy note on the finish. It is an exquisite wine that is great with fish dishes.

The winery “I Pastini" was born in 1996 and is located in the heart of the Itria Valley (the valley of the trulli) in Puglia. Using ancient winemaking traditions and with the help of modern winemaking techniques, the Carparelli family are producing wines that express the new face of local wine production. The wineries main aim is to made world class wine from the near forgotten local grape varieties of Minutolo, Bianco d’Alessio, Verdeca, Susumaniello and Primitivo. They have lovingly restore and enhanced the reputation of these varieties with superb wines full of ancient character for modern wine lovers.

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