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Meyer Fonne Pinot Gris 'Hinterburg de Katzenthal' Vendage Tardive 2015 50cl

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"Vendanges Tardives" literally means 'late harvest'. The wine is made from grapes harvested later than usual, when the "noble rot" or Botrytis Cinerea starts to affect the grapes, making them lose almost all their water content. The grapes are shrivelled up like raisins with a delicious concentration of sweetness. This is also how sweet wines like Sauternes, Coteaux du Layon or Tokaji are made.

Cultivated in terraces on steep sloping granite terroir, this lucious sweet wine has a very pure, expressive nose with fine smoky and fruity notes (fresh pineapple), as well as note of honey and white truffle. It has a suave, elegant finish, with a perfect mineral intensity and balance. A fine gastronomic wine that is delicious with foie gras or mature regional cheese.

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