Giuseppe Mascarello Freisa 2020

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Producer: Giuseppe Mascarello
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Grape Variety: Freisa
Style: Red Wine

Giuseppe Mascarello Freisa is a unique and fresh red wine with amazingly crunchy red fruit and spice notes. The Freisa grape variety is not widely planted but Mascarello have a small vineyard called Toetto where they coax the best out of the variety.

Giuseppe Mascarello is one of Barolo’s greatest names. The family have been producing wine in the Langhe since 1881 and today the estate is run by Mauro, aided by his son Guiseppe and daughter, Elena. The wine making process remains very traditional with hard and meticulous work being put into the vineyard. Manual weeding, crop thinning, and a very late harvest all ensure that the grapes are of the highest quality before they arrive at the winery. They believe in long macerations and extended maturation in large oak casks (botte). The resulting wines are suited to long term bottle ageing.

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