Chateau Kalian Bernasse 'Gourmandise' Monbazillac HALF 2017

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Chateau Kalian Bernasse is a charming sweet wine from Monbazillac in south west France. The wine is a blend of 85% Semillon and 15% Muscadelle and certified organic. It is fresh yet opulent and brimming with marmalade orange, yellow fruit and exotic stone fruit notes all wound from a lovely sweetness with balancing acidity. Perfect wine fruit desserts and cheese.

Chateau Kalien is a 9 hectare estate, owned since 1992 by Anne and Alain Griaud, based in Bergerac on the left bank of the Dordogne. The area has the idea conditions to encourage the growth of the noble rot with is required to make the special sweet wines of Monbazillac. Harvest is done completely by hand and it is like no other. Instead of harvesting fresh plump ripe fruit, they pick only the berries and portions of the clusters that have been colonized by noble rot! The resulting wine is aged for a short period in oak barrels

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